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Top of the Line Performance
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Top of the Line performance
Your source for motorcycle & Atv performance, tuning, modifications, repairs and service.
Attention! Although the web page has been lacking updates things are still happening. We now accept debit Visa MC and other major cards! As well new this year is a top notch tire machine and all the accessories!
Top of the Line Performance is getting Amped Up!
Come and check out some of the electric powered motorcycles and bicycles in progress!
Need your scooter tuned up?  Arlin now has the scooter/e-bike dyno fully operational
 Great news the motorcycle dyno is now Finally complete!!
Click this link below to see Chantals scooter run! Or a Run with a Drift trike, or Arlins E-ysr in progress.

Chantals BWS dyno run

YSR dyno run with a little description.

Drift trike dyno run.

Come on in and get a fall tune up.  Get your motorcycle or ATV serviced and tuned properly for lowered emissions and better savings at the pump.

Want to win your next race? Come get various modifications done for maximum power gains. 

Tired of your four stroke motocross bike bogging (falling flat on its face or even staling) when you go to grab a hand full of throttle? We have developed the perfect fix for that. 



Open from 9-5 Mondays and 6-9 pm Wednesdays.  Other wise call anytime between 8am and 9pm Monday-Saturday for an apointment. 

At Top of the Line Performance we work hard to stay ahead of the game. We have countless hours of experiance with some of the most advanced EFI systems.

Here is a link to a very cool project of our's  
and a link to the first startup video


Arlin has been working on many very advanced electric vehicle projects.  He has 2 prototype motors from Croatia that the designers asked him to help sort out how to get them running to their potential.  These are the first liquid cooled electric brushless motors in Canada and they can handle 30 HP all continuous or 60 HP peak! 


Over the winter we will be running the YSR up to 170v and ~800 amps!
Yup thats right 136,000 watts! Or 182hp worth of electricity.  It will not likely make that at the wheel and we will back off on the amps once we find the limits but this controller built here at Top of the line Performance it cabable of the numbers!
 As well it will be a good test to break in the dyno and make sure its ready for the spring.

First run with with the big dyno! Thats right the BIG dyno is finaly done!

Top of the Line Performance (250) 713 4944

The islands fastest growing motorcycle & atv performance center.