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Top of the Line Performance
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Mobile repair service  just call (250) 713 4944

Give us a call and we will be glad to come to your garage/shop to diagnose and repair your motorcycle or atv.
Arlin works hard to provide the best quality service on the island for the lowest price!

Get the most out of your motorcycle or Atv.

Tune the engine for max power or economy and with Efi tune for both of them!

Porting and customizing of most motorcycle engines.

Performance tuning to a very precise air fuel ratio of .01:1 !

Power commander, install, and programming.

Repair service and inspect your motorcycle or Atv here.

With fuel injection in just about every new motorcycle we are ready to make the changes you need to make you bike or Atv run clean and strong. 

Soon to come. Get your motorcycle Atv and even dwarf car DYNO TUNED!

Motocross bike accelerator pump mod/fix; get rid of that pesky bog that might cost you the race! $99 if you bring the bike or 39.99 if you just send us your carb. 

Here is a link to a video of a couple of many 4stroke bogging bikes fixed here at Top of the line Performance

Complete motocross bike jetting $149 

Testing Air fuel of any bike $49 let you know if you need adjustment

The rc car dyno is done click here to see the prototype in action.

Dont forget to get all your regular adjustments and maintenance done.

4 stroke MX valve check  50$ and adjustment from $100-$120

Keeping the valves in spec will help them last alot longer!

4 stroke MX topend R&R from $240

Keeping a fresh piston and rings makes a big difference in power and while we are in the engine we inspect the valves and make sure they are sealing for eiser starting.

A.T.V. Service starting at $120

A.T.V. valve adjustments starting at $120

MX forks R&R seals and oil $50 a loose fork leg and $60  on the bike per fork.

Cruiser service starting at $80 plus parts!

Now specializing in electric transportation,  with a E-ysr50 soon to be compleat as well as one very fast E-BMX and another on the way as the price of batteries comes down we will be ready for all the Hi Voltage fun!  Call or drop by for any advice or a price on a custome electric built bike or other form of transportation! 

Problems with you electric scooter we are the best place to get in worked on in Canada!


Top of the Line Performance (250) 713 4944

The islands fastest growing motorcycle & atv performance center.