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Top of the Line Performance
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After five years of motocross and two years at a dynojet faclity it is time to help others win races!


Top of the Line performance is the best place to get you motorcycle or ATV tuned modified or serviced on Vancouver Island Using only fully trained professionals and the latest technology.  Going into the fourth year of operation after great success in the first 3 years, we have some serious bragging rights with various records in the island dwarf car series and a track record just set at Saratoga really showing the benefits of our tuning.   The tuning of these engines is very important with the rules not allowing much for modifications to these street bike engines for placement into the Dwarf cars other then intake and exhaust systems.  To start with the tuning from factory is almost never perfect and to add to the problem the aftermarket intake and exhaust systems quite commonly let more air in and out of the engines giving them the need for more fuel!   With my tuning software and some testing on a track or on the DYNAMOMETER I set up these cars to an air:fuel ratio within .1 of the optimal performance giving them a great edge over the other cars.  This tuning system is the same used here to tune and set up all fuel computers and jet kits proving a very accurate tune for the intended purpose of the Motorcycle or ATV.

You can never have to much Horsepower!

We strive to provide you with top notch service. Our modifcations work.  We only use proven combinations and products.  You cant win a race If you dont finish!


Top of the Line Performance (250) 713 4944

The islands fastest growing motorcycle & atv performance center.